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  2. RIP GGM


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    forcing people to listen to my music when I’m driving


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    illustration: Katsuhiro otomo 1981

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    Tropic of the Sea - Satoshi Kon

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    Time-lapse of Stinkhorn Fungus growth.

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    cars cars cars cars cars i like em. made for comics orders…hey hey why not.

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    Some clips from my “crime” comic Slippery Seats for Felony Comics, published by Harris Smith’s Negative Pleasure, featuring five of my favorite artists; Alex Degan, Ben Urkowitz, Karissa Sakumoto, Ben Marra, and Pete Toms. Excited to see the completed book, it’s in color, heyoooooooh.

    I love color.

    There is an indiegogo happening for the 2014 line up of negativepleasure/jeans publications over here. They all sound really good.