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  3. buggirl:

    Hemipteran beauty.

    Tiputini, Ecuador

  4. buggirl:

    A wicked cool looking Hemipteran.

    Tiputini, Ecuador

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  5. buggirl:

    Whoa velvet..

    Tiputini, Ecuador

    My research

  6. archimess:

    Siteless: 1001 Building Forms
    François Blanciak

    (Source: spatiallyobvious, via cyborges)

  7. buggirl:

    Love this- very educational….and look at all their funny faces!!

    Here is the key:

    1. Family Lycosidae – the Wolf Spiders
    2. Family Salticidae – the Jumping Spiders
    3. Family Salticidae, genus Lyssomanes – the Magnolia Green Jumpers
    4. Family Araneidae – the Orbweavers
    5. Family Pisauridae, genus Dolomedes – the Fishing Spiders
    6. Family Pisauridae, genus Pisaurina – the Nursery Web Spiders
    7. Family Ctenidae – the Wandering Spiders
    8. Family Oxyopidae – the Lynx Spiders
    9. Family Philodromidae – the Running Crab Spiders
    10. Family Dysderidae – the Woodlouse Hunters
    11. Family Tetragnathidae, genus Tetragnatha – the Longjawed Orbweavers
    12. Family Thomisidae, genus Xysticus – the Ground Crab Spiders
    13. Family Agelenidae, genus Eratigena – the Funnel Weavers
    14, Family Agelenidae, genus Agelenopsis – the Grass Spiders (aka Funnel Weavers)
    15, Family Selenopidae, genus Selenops – the Flatties (aka Crab Spiders)
    16. Family Sparassidae, genus Heteropoda – the Huntsman (aka Giant Crab Spiders)
    17. Family Sparassidae, genus Olios – Giant Crab Spiders (aka Huntsman)
    18. Family Sicariidae, genus Loxosceles – the Brown Spiders (includes the Brown Recluse)
    19. Family Uloboridae, genus Hyptiotes – the Triangle Weavers
    20. Family Zoropsidae, species Zoropsis spinimana – the False Wolf Spider
    21. Family Deinopidae, species Deinopis spinosa – the Net-casting Spider (aka Ogre-faced Spider); note that the four other eyes are not visible from the front.
    22. Family Diguetidae, genus Diguetia – the Desertshrub Spiders
    23. Family Antrodiaetidae, genus Antrodiaetus – the Folding-door Spiders (aka Turret Spiders); these are primitive spiders (mygalomorphs).
    24. Family Segestriidae – the Tube Web Spiders
    25. Family Scytodidae – the Spitting Spiders

    Buggirl’s spider research

    (via donnerpartyofone)

  8. psychedelicway:

    The Wind From Nowhere (1962) - JG Ballard 

    Cover art by Alan Aldridge


  9. "They probably won’t read in the future. At the moment they are reading, but they’re reading different things. They’re reading pornographic magazines, a huge range of magazines and periodicals which offer them an instant replay and comment on their own lives. Not books – the technology of the book publisher is so out of date, he hardly has a technology. You think of the idea you want to write about, you take perhaps a year before the book is finished, you then send it through your agent to a publisher and a certain amount of wheeling and dealing goes on. Perhaps a year later – that’s two years after you thought of it – the book is finally published in hardcover. Two years after that it goes into paperback. So it’s four years before a large (so-called large) audience reads the book. Well, that’s the time it takes for a signal to come from the nearest star!"
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